Christopher Makos

1973 Musee D'art Moderne De La Ville De Paris, "Sequences"

1974 Musee D'art Moderne De La Ville De Paris, "5 Americans”

1979 National Arts Club, New York, “Photographs”

1982 Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y. "Androgyny In Art"

1989 Ludwig museum, Koln, Germany “Photos From Warhol “

1991 January Hokin Gallery, Miami, Florida

1991 June Focus On AIDS III, Los Angeles, CA, Photos

1991 July Hokin Gallery, Bay Harbor Islands, FL, Group Show

1991 July Duran Contemparao, Madrid Spain, Group Show

1991 August Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT

1991 December Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, “Andy Warhol”

1992 September Spoleto Festival, Melbourne, Australia

1994 November Woodstock, NY, Cooper Gallery

1994 November Tokyo, Japan, Mitsukoshi Gallery, "Kissing"

1994 November New York, Adam Baumgold Gallery, "Sex"

1995 Jan San Francisco University Art Museum "In The A Different Light"

1995 April New York City, Throckmorton Fine Art "Natural Myth:A Bestiary"

1995 May Chicago, Art Expo, Mars Gallery

1995 June Los Angeles, G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, "Kissing"

1995 September Denver, Gallery Camera Obscura, "Kissing"

1995 September Los Angeles, Fahey Klein Gallery,

1995 December Miami, Century Hotel, "Beachtime"

1996 February Ridgefield, CT, Candace Perich Gallery "The Cool And The Crazy, Images Of Punk"

1996 July New York City, Earl Mgrath Gallery, " The Cool And The Crazy, Images Of Punk”

1997 February New York City, Audart, Group Show, "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory"

1997 March Los Angeles, Fahey/Klein Gallery, Group Show, "The Nude2"

1997 April New York City, Serge Sorokko Gallery, Group Show "The Last Party"

1997 December Ligure, Italy, "Warhol Non Vista"

1997 November New York, Whitney Musuem, Group Exhibition, "The Warhol Look/Glamour Style Fashion"

1998 January Miami Beach, Bass Musuem, Group Exhibition "Fashion On The Beach"

1998 July Denver, Colorodo. Rule Gallery “Fashion Show”

1999 May Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany, “Andy Warhol Photography”

2000 Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp “Et l'homme créa la femme”

2005 Galerie Burkhard Eikelmann Dusseldorf Germany “ It’s Framed - Exclusive Pop Art”

2006 Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg . “C. Makos , P. Solberg , the Hilton Brothers”

2007 Warhol sobre Warhol - La Casa Encendida, Madrid

2008 Fergus McCaffrey Gallery New York “Andy Warhol: Polaroid Portraits”

2008 Sebastian Guinness Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, “The Hilton Brothers “

2009 Museum, La Casa Encendida (Madrid) “Mistaken Identity” Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers

2009 Tate Modern, London England “Pop Life: Art in a Material World”

2010 National Portrait Gallery Washington DC “ Hide and Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture”

2010 Robert Hull Fleming Museum University of Vermont “Andy Warhol: Fashionistas and Celebrities”

2010 Flo Peters Hamburg Germany “Makos Solberg “

2010 SUBTE Museum Montevideo Uruguay, “C. Makos, P. Solberg and the Hilton Brothers “

2011 Galerie Houard Paris “Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers”

2012 Karl Hutter Gallery Los Angeles “Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers”

2012 Metropolitan Museum “Regarding Warhol: Fifty Artists Fifty Years”

2012 galerie hiltawsky Berlin Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers

2012 Christopher Henry Gallery New York “Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers”

2012 Gallery Sho Tokyo Japan Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers

2013 Miller Gallery Cincinnati Ohio Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers

2013 Beax Arts Museum Mons Belgium “ Warhol: Life Death and Beauty”

2013 Kiwi Arts Miami “Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers”

2014 Galerie Catherine Houard "American Pop Art"

 2016 May Ferragamo Museum "Across Art and Fashion"

2016 June Photo House "Paparazzi"

2016 August Beijing  Accomodating Reform: International Hotels and Architecture in China, 1978-1990

2016 Sept Bolsena Art "Alone Together"

2016 Sept Monte Carlo  Catalogue   "Paparazzi"