My camera pretty much is a paintbrush.

At the Makostudio New York City March 2016
Nick Onken

31 March 2016

Some things we learn in this podcast:

Why he decided to move to New York City [4:15]
What he calls the golden age of NYC [4:45]
Who influenced and mentored him [6:50]
The path between music and photography [9:00]
When he met Andy Warhol [11:10]
How he and Andy Warhol learned from each other [13:30]
The value of apprenticing with artists [14:40]
Surround yourself with successful people [18:55]
Why you have to be consistent [19:35]
The difference between taking pictures and taking memories [21:45]
The value of printing out pictures [23:10]
Why you should never delete files [25:00]
How he has changed since being a younger photographer [26:10]
His work since working with Warhol [33:05]
The range of ways to make a living as a creative force [35:25]
His reservations about posting photos on social media [38:30]
How his first book came about [41:00]
Why you have to keep learning [45:30]
His advice for talking about your art [48:00]
Why you have to learn to be complete by yourself [54:00]