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Debbie Harry At My Apartment 1976
Debbie Harry At My Apartment 1976
Christopher Makos
Released: October 4, 2020
Catalog Num: By Anna Phillips

Legendary photographer Christopher Makos’ show Dirty at New York City’s Daniel Cooney Gallery

Andy Warhol kissing John Lennon. Jean-Michel Basquiat hanging out at the Factory. A male crotch half-heartedly covered with denim shorts.

 With present day New York City defined by social distance and sanitization, legendary photographer Christopher Makos’s exhibition Dirty offers an intimate glimpse into the city’s free-spirited past.

 Curated by Daniel Cooney Fine Arts, Dirty showcases 40 vintage photographs, hand-sewn prints, Polaroids and contact sheets spanning Makos’s career. The exhibit offers a lens into the glamorous yet grungy 1970s and 80s art scene in New York City and around the world.

 Makos captured warm moments between Andy Warhol, Keith Harring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Liza Minnelli, Iggy Pop and John Lennon, as well as photographing an array of provocative male nudes. An affectionate shot of Keith Harring and Juan Debose at the piers is presented alongside a close-up nude of a male gymnast.



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Updated: Oct-4-2020
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