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Andy by Makos
Released: October 13, 2010


I am not really sure why I keep looking at the pictures in this book. People are always asking about this body of work, and I don't know what to really say anymore, except that it began with a simple conversation with Andy and me, and ended up with what you see in this book.

At the end of the day, I love publishing books; I love re- looking at my work, at other's works. For me it's like seeing a movie for the second or third time. You always see something that you missed the first time around.

In the case of these "altered image" photographs, I don't see them as drag photos anymore, if I ever did. They are not drag photos. They are a sort of a show and tell about identity, and changing identity, not really drag, not really Andy in drag, not really even Andy Warhol any more, but a record of the collaboration between the two of us: poser and picture taker. That's it.

Read into it what you want, that's always the best way. So much has been written about this series of photographs, writers' opinions, people's opinions, reviewers' opinions. Yes the subject is a famous artist who was obsessed with image, the surface appearance of things, who kept going back to portraiture in many forms to reflect what he saw. Definitely these images are about the "man in the mirror."

This time around, Peter Wise came in with an over the top, "re branding" of this work with his title "Lady Warhol", and Alberto Arnaut came up with the idea of publishing these works in a different, larger format, showing them in a new, clearer light.

For me, working on this monograph was an exercise in reviewing my own work, over twenty-eight years later, to see what was still interesting. I am still staring at the subtle expression changes in the poses Andy got into, the subtleties in his body language.

The wigs and the make-up are still there, Andy is still working them in some messy combination of attempted beauty and caricature. But now I look more at what Andy was doing with his eyes, the small changes in the shape of his mouth, and especially in the way he extended his poses all the way through his hands. Andy and I were relaxed enough to let his grace and his awkwardness show. I see in these images openness and vulnerability and Andy's need to express himself. These were parts of Andy that he rarely exposed in public, but I remember them well.

I guess I'm still interested in that "conversation" between friends over two days in June 1981 because the pictures still talk to me today. CM NYC APRIL 2010

Madrid, Spain Press 2010

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