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Label: Glitterati, Inc.
Released: October 15, 2005
Catalog Num: ISBN-10: 097658512X ISBN-13: 978-0976585121
During Christopher Makos' long and eminent career, he has photographed the most beloved and complex icons of our time-Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, to name just a few. Now in a unique and daring work, EQUIPOSE, Makos tackles a novel new subject: Horses. Although a bold departure from his previous endeavors, Here Makos applies his signature style--one that examines size, shape, scale, musculature, texture--to these gorgeous animals. The photographer's art-world following will find EQUIPOSE to be a Makos book that happens to feature horses, while horse enthusiasts will find a horse book that happens to have beautiful photography.

Ranging from brilliantly crisp black-and-whites to luminescent colors and softly muted sepia-tones, bestselling author Christopher Makos has created an intimate yet wide-ranging volume detailing his encounter with one of nature's most majestic creatures. He presents an intriguing portrait of the horses: Through his lens they are eerily human, yet elusive and beyond our total understanding. In their greatness, the animals exceed the photographers' frames. Makos' lense trains on the animals in a way that has never been used before. He focuses our attention on the details: the gentleness with which their necks curve, the naked lines of the back and the strength with which their hooves meet the soil. His images deconstruct horses to their individual features and again reassemble them into full beings. Through the unique vision of one of the great artists of our time, horses are innovatively and daringly depicted in their entirety, their essential selves transformed before our eyes.

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