From the Airport into Beijing
From the Airport into Beijing
Christopher Makos
The Travelers Diary
Place & Time
Today Art Musuem
Beijing China
March 29, 2019
4:00 PM
Contact Info
Zou Xinyi zouxinyi@ytcreativemedia.com

In 1980s, China opened up its economy. More tourists got the chance to visit China, and there
were lots of internationally acclaimed artists among them. These artists observed the social
changes of China with their own perspectives, leaving precious records and unfolding unique
narratives. Meanwhile, the openness of economy and culture also accelerates the process of
urbanization. With the increasing flow of human capitals and ever-changing city scenes, everyone
is on the move and feels out of place now and then.

Additional Information

This exhibition is organized around the theme of travel and curated as a “diary”: patched,
spontaneous and fresh. The artists revealed the profound cultural meanings of daily details with
their sharp observation, transforming the everyday scenes into cultural epitomes. The Traveler’s
Diary collects these artists’ memories, recalling the past through their traveler’s gaze and unfolds
a multi-layered China story.

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