Palm Beach
Venice, Italy
35,000 ft.
1955 Thunderbird
Mercedes Benz
Washington, D.C.
First Class early days
Herb Sambol
Elba, Italy
The Races
Ford Fairlain
Meet me in the Garage
Rayograph Homage
Grosetto, Italy
Onboard the Concorde
7th Avenue at 11th Street
new york city
Life Raft
Chris Makos
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"Do what you do and do it with so much love that people will see the honesty in what you do and money will come to you. "

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A brief Teaser of the January 2009 visit to China, chasing the Ghost of Andy Warhol
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Free Magazine
Working with Nicola Formichetti, the man who created the meat dress for Lady Gaga, and is the design director for DIESEL, and UNIGLO brought this amazing project to me. In the issue of FREE magazine, my colaboration with Nicola is clearly realized, and the work stands on its own....