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Christopher Makos
Label: Christopher Makos: The Greek photographer who invented the I
Released: October 24, 2020

Some dreams dare to be imprinted with indelible colors in the film of life. Lou Reed sang 'Walk on the Wild Side', David Bowie (with John Lennon in the second vocals) sang 'Fame' in his most cynical and self-deprecating style, Andy Warhol defined postmodern aesthetics in a an artistic universe thirsting for upheaval. Next to Warhol was Greek-born photographer Christopher (Chris) Makos. On the occasion of his new 'Dirty' photo exhibition in New York, I invited him to a telephone conversation. Our conversation went beyond durations, seasons, nostalgia and stereotypes.

Take a walk on the wild side
It is eleven-thirty in the evening, a policeman could be at my door, ready to close instantly this surreal beautiful conversation that would follow. My anxiety was huge, I was sure that Chris Makos would talk to Harry Styles, to Mick Jagger, to some up-and-coming or 'veteran' of pop culture about his photos and he would hardly take the step to call Greece. Sorry, but finally… (phone ringtone).

Yes, it is Chris Makos, polite, shy and eager to talk. That's how our conversation started


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Updated: Oct-24-2020
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