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Andy getting a massage at 15 West 20th street New York City
Andy getting a massage at 15 West 20th street New York City
Christopher Makos
MADE IN BED Sotheby's
Label: Holly Fairgrieve in Conversation with Christopher Makos
Released: October 14, 2020

Christopher Makos’s  photographic archive of New York in the 70s and 80s is a window into the one of the most important periods of the city’s history, one marked by extraordinary creativity and prolific artistic output. Famously known as the dynamic best friend of Andy Warhol, Christopher Makos’s photos document his time in The Factory, socialising  with the likes of Tennessee Williams, Keith Haring, John Lennon, Jean Michael Basquiat and Debbie Harry. His new exhibition, “Dirty”,  at  Daniel Cooney Fine Art, features his images of 20th century icons alongside his illicit photographs of male nudes. Despite the celebrity element to his work, Makos’s photos are vulnerable, intimate and reveal sides of his sitters that are little known. Here, MADE IN BED’s Creative Director, Holly Fairgrieve, has a phone call with Makos to discuss his exhibition “Dirty”,  the culture of New York City, his friendship with Andy Warhol and the art world today.  

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Updated: Oct-14-2020
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