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Solberg/Makos Kiev, Ukraine July 2017
Solberg/Makos Kiev, Ukraine July 2017
Katya Nikolaychuk
Released: August 12, 2017

This summer in Ukraine for the first time the works of world famous photographer Christopher Makos are presented. During a short visit to the beloved photographer Andy Warhol and his colleague on Hilton Brothers Paul Solberg, JS invited the participants of the creative duo to take part in his own art shoot

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About Ukraine
This is our first visit to Kiev, to Ukraine, and this is a completely new experience for us. We just returned from France, before that we were in our native New York and now we fully experience the contrast of cultures - western and this one, it is very noticeable. Simply amazing! In such a variety, disagreement, it seems to me, and the essence of beauty lies. In the opportunity to learn different views and in this diversity find beauty. Ukraine is an interesting country, you have an extremely difficult location: you are at the junction of two worlds, so conflicts will always be there, however sad it may be.

About Kyiv
Before coming here I did not hear much about Ukraine, mostly I read articles in our newspapers about Maidan and all this complicated situation. The American editions of Kiev always called brand-new spot (a brand new place -. Ed.. ) On the European map. And it's true, there are a lot of fresh ideas, a mix of several cultures, a unique syncretism, in which the latest social and cultural trends and a thousand-year history are closely intertwined. At the same time, we are also interested in this special, post-Soviet color, inherent only in Eastern Europe. This is something unusual for us: the Western world still developed quite differently. We had the 50's with their vivid rock and roll spirit, while here life was flowing in a different way. And this is part of your unique, complex history.

About Tolerance
The presence of tolerance in society always depends on what people have, and what they do not have. Do they have freedom of thought and choice? Is there a self-awareness, width of view? Do they have the experience of being open? Post-Soviet society, unlike the western one, is much more taboo, there are many more prohibitions in it. For example, the story of gay parades is not based solely on sexual orientation, primarily on the history of freedom and unity. Similar events in Madrid or the same New York - it's always an incredible action. You do not need to identify yourself with gay or straight, to participate in it. All that is necessary is to be human. Love has no boundaries, just like religion or any other beliefs.

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Updated: Aug-12-2017
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