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Released: September 27, 2013


With his hip fashion sense, sandy highlighted hair, and infectious gleefulness, it is hard to believe that Christopher Makos is old enough to have been Warhol’s friend, let alone his personal photographer. The NY-based artist is well known in art circles, mostly for shooting America’s greatest pop art icon. The fame-by-association got old, so much so that Makos swore he’d “never do another Warhol book.”

In a country whose most zealous patriots once pinned Mao buttons to their bare flesh, Warhol’s pop art rendering of the former political leader approaches blasphemy. But Makos is adamant that Warhol had no political agenda. “I think [Warhol’s] praising him. Look at the company he’s in.

He did Marilyn Monroe, he did Elvis …” he pauses, then his eyes brighten as he finds the right words to express his friend’s artistic motives. “He made Mao a pop star!”

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Updated: Sep-27-2013
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