“Altered Image 35mm #6 Frame 12” (1981)
“Altered Image 35mm #6 Frame 12” (1981)
Christopher Makos
Warhol Women
Place & Time
Lévy Gorvy
909 Madison Avenue
New York NY United States
June 25, 2019
6:00 PM
Contact Info
Cristina Tafuri cristina@levygorvy.com

Lévy Gorvy is delighted to present Warhol Women, the first exhibition to fully explore Andy Warhol’s career-long celebration of womanhood and femininity, from his iconic images of film stars and self- proclaimed Factory “superstars,” to his celebrity and society portraits, and to his examination of gender in the Ladies and Gentlemen series.

Following the success of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s recent Warhol retrospective, Warhol Women will similarly demonstrate the artist’s extraordinary prescience in a very contemporary and potent context. No American artist has better understood the immense power of images to shape society. Warhol foresaw the democratization of celebrity and the advent of social media, just as he identified and characterized what constitutes an icon. He grasped the relationship between mass marketing and the ways in which women have been objectified and sanctified in consumer culture

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